It’s a well-known fact that organizations need to protect their data, as they otherwise risk to get confronted with data breaches and compliance issues. But how can you successfully protect your organization’s data if there are factors at play – orphaned accounts, shadow IT, vague access needs, to name just a few – that you cannot see or control?

There is no doubt that it’s vital to take care of unused accounts and to
ensure that all accounts are properly governed and monitored. If not, compliance (and company) requirements won’t be met, the organization might pay unnecessary costs for software and the risk for data breaches will lurk under the surface…

People change jobs all the time. This entails quite some extra work – mainly administrative tasks – on the employer’s side. One of those tasks is to delete all passwords and close all accounts the former employee was using. This seems like a logical and important step and yet it is often overlooked. This leads to the existence of so-called ‘orphan accounts’, which could be hazardous for your company…