These days, news channels all over the world keep on talking about the corona situation and the consequences this has on various – well, almost all – sectors. As expected, the software & information security sector is no exception here. In this newsbites issue, we included some interesting articles that are indeed related to the current pandemic, as well as some other valuable news items. Enjoy!

Traditional 1.0 IGA solutions are strongly focused towards provisioning (access request, access approval, etc.). While there is no doubt that provisioning is an important matter, it takes a lot of time and quite some budget to get it up and running properly. And it’s only when the provisioning side of things is nearly completed, that traditional IGA solutions will finally start paying some attention to governance. And that’s quite an issue, as in recent years governance has become much more important than before…

When you are confronted with a data breach, you’ll want to close the leak first, which results in IT-related costs. You also have to communicate quite intensively to several stakeholders during the entire process. On top of that, your organization might also have to pay regulatory fines (SOx, GDPR, NIS, …) and legal costs. And last but not least, long tail costs, caused by the loss of customers, and a damaged reputation and goodwill make the total cost even higher.