These days, news channels all over the world keep on talking about the corona situation and the consequences this has on various – well, almost all – sectors. As expected, the software & information security sector is no exception here. In this newsbites issue, we included some interesting articles that are indeed related to the current pandemic, as well as some other valuable news items. Enjoy! 

Tips for cyber security when working from home

As an exceptionally large number of people is working from home these days – a consequence of Covid-19, of course – ENISA (short for European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) decided to share its top cyber hygiene tips for teleworking. Most of these tips are easy to understand and apply, also for non-techies.

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COVID-19: EC-Council Announces free Cyber Training and Education Support Services

EC-Council – described by Cisomag as world’s largest cybersecurity certification body – offers certification programs and courseware free of charge (until the end of June 2020). The offer includes free access to the CodeRed subscription platform, which contains a library on topics like GDPR, CCPA, identity and access management, etcetera.

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How Small Businesses Can Protect Themselves from Cyberattacks

The title is a bit misleading, as the article in fact focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. The author explains that SMBs are relentlessly targeted by hackers and that the SMBs are ‘woefully unprepared to defend themselves and unequipped to handle the aftermath’.

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In Times of Pandemic, GDPR Still Applies, EU Warns

It’s true that exceptional times call for exceptional measures. But what about governments who use mobile data to track the movements of people in their fight against the coronavirus? Is this in line with the European Data Protection Board’s statement that ‘it’s possible to adapt to the situation while remaining within the rules’?

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The most dangerous myths about identity governance

Elimity carefully examines seven recurring myths on identity governance and explains in plain English why some of those can even be harmful for your business. Our favorites: : ‘I have spreadsheets, so I don’t need identity governance’, ‘Provisioning is the key to solve all your identity governance challenges’ and ‘Our staff can be trusted and doesn’t need identity governance’.

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