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These days, news channels all over the world keep on talking about the corona situation and the consequences this has on various – well, almost all – sectors. As expected, the software & information security sector is no exception here. In this newsbites issue, we included some interesting articles that are indeed related to the current pandemic, as well as some other valuable news items. Enjoy!

SMEs tend to believe that hackers are much more interested in large companies. However, this is a wrong assumption. In most cases, hackers use tools which autonomically search the internet for weak points in the defense systems of organizations’ IT systems – without making a distinction based on the size of the organization – and try to work their way in. The fact that smaller organizations’ security systems are often less sophisticated than those of large companies, makes those smaller organizations more vulnerable.

It’s a well-known fact that organizations need to protect their data, as they otherwise risk to get confronted with data breaches and compliance issues. But how can you successfully protect your organization’s data if there are factors at play – orphaned accounts, shadow IT, vague access needs, to name just a few – that you cannot see or control?

The bad news is that it’s impossible to protect your organization for 100% against data breaches. Whenever you use computer systems to store valuable data, you are vulnerable. However, there are some measures you can implement to reduce the risk significantly…